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Klinkau achieves ISO50001 Certification

Klinkau is pleased to announce that we have now officially received the ISO 50001 certification for our energy management system. This prestigious recognition is the result of our continuous efforts to promote sustainable practices and minimise our environmental footprint.

ISO 50001 at a glance

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for energy management systems, developed to help organisations optimise their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency. The certification is based on best practice and provides a clear framework for developing strategies for the efficient use of energy. It serves as a guide for organisations to define, measure, monitor and continuously improve their energy targets.

Impact for our partners

ISO 50001 certification marks a significant milestone for Klinkau and brings numerous benefits for our partners. Here are some of the key impacts:

    1. Trust and credibility: ISO 50001 certification emphasises our commitment to sustainable business. Our partners can now build on Klinkau's commitment to the highest standards of energy management with increased confidence.
    2. Sustainable partnerships: ISO 50001 certification demonstrates our long-term commitment to sustainability. Partners who are pursuing their own sustainability goals can rely on Klinkau as a responsible business partner to help achieve shared goals.
    3. Integration into global value chains: Many global companies use ISO 50001 certification as a prerequisite for selecting their business partners. Certification opens up new opportunities for Klinkau to position itself in global value chains.
    4. Reducing environmental impact: ISO 50001 not only helps to cut costs, but also contributes to reducing environmental impact. By using energy efficiently, we contribute to environmental protection and support our partners in fulfilling their own ecological responsibility.

Outlook and recognition

Achieving ISO 50001 certification is a significant step for Klinkau on the road to a sustainable and efficient future. We are proud to have achieved this goal and would like to thank all our employees, customers and partners who have contributed to this success. Together we will continue to find innovative ways to increase our energy efficiency and have a positive impact on the environment.

For more information about our ISO 50001 certification and our efforts in the area of sustainable energy management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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