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The oldest and longest known method for separating solids from liquids is the filter plate and frame system. Filter plates and frames were formerly made of wood but are now made of plastic like all other filter plate systems. Plastic offers excellent chemical resistance and meets the very high hygiene requirements. Plate and frame systems are typically used today in the pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical products and blood plasma) and food industries. The symmetrical cake chambers in plate and frame systems deliver excellent cake washing performance. Other benefits are the ability to use inexpensive filter cloths and disposable filters such as paper filters. The filter frame is interchangeable enabling the simple and inexpensive production of different filter cake thicknesses.

Advantages of filter plate and frame systems

  • Good wash results
  • Cake thickenesses of up to 60mm
  • Easily exchangeable cloths
  • Use of disposable filters, e.g. paper filters
  • Use of depth filter sheets


Sizes250, 300, 400, 470, 500, 600, 630, 800, 915, 1000, 1067, 1118, 1200, 1220 mm. Larger and alternative sizes available on request.
PressureMaximum filtration pressure of 5 or 7 bar depending on the thickness of the plate. Specially made products for higher filtration pressures are available.
TemperaturesDie maximal zulässige Filtrationstemperatur ist u. a. von dem Filtrationsdruck, der chemischen Zusammensetzung der zu filtrierenden Trübe, der Zykluszeit und der Werkstoffwahl bzw. möglichen Werkstoffkombinationen abhängig.
MaterialsKlinkau plates and frames are available in the following materials according to intended use:
Polypropylene homopolymer / copolymer
Polypropylene homopolymer FDA / copolymer FDA
Antistatic polypropylene
Antistatic PVDF


As with chamber filter plates, filtration using plates and frames is a pressure filtration process. The individual chambers are filled with slurry and cake builds up on the filter cloth. The cake is dewatered by increasing the pressure in the chamber.

The plate and frame process features homogeneous filter cake production and excellent washing results. As well as filter cloths, other filter media can be used such as paper or layered disposable filters.

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